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Invest there, where it pays. In Berlin!

We are fascinated by the metropolis Berlin. On the property market of Berlin we have specialised in marketing residential buildings and business premises all over Berlin as well as marketing owner-occupied residential properties.

Berlin is a city with many titles and attributes: Federal capital, seat of government, link between East and West, centre of science and technology, prosperous business location, city with a glittering, lively nightlife, cultural centre, the greenest metropolis in Europe. So many names, and even more facets.

After the German Reunification and the relocation of the government, Berlin undeniably has reascended to one of Europe’s metropoles – politically as well as culturally. Futhermore, Berlin is growing. In a few years, it will have a population of over 5 million people, making it one of Europe’s largest metropoles alongside Moskow, London, and Paris and one of the most important media- and service metropoles.

With its traditional strengths and newly established structures, Berlin is more attractive than ever. The city has at its disposal a density of universities and institutions of research unparalleled in other parts of Germany, which is why Berlin occupies a special geographic and political position within the European Union.

But Berlin is not simply a place for working and developing new ideas. Above all, Berlin is a city to live in. Apart from the impressive natural environment with its many lakes, rivers, forests, green spaces, parks, and recreational areas, this city also offers world-class cultural attractions. This includes approximately 30 theatres and 150 museums as well as innumerable bars and pubs. Beyond the variety of cultural attractions and the vibrant nightlife Berlin also promises a high quality of living, also for families with children. In addition, the German capital is one of the most affordable European metropoles. Especially on the property market, even in exceptional locations, the prices are very reasonable.

OUR SERVICE: Property is our business. In order to ensure comprehensive service and professional conditions, we successfully cooperate with tax accountants, notaries, lawyers, architects, surveyors, and builders.

Our core competencies are:

  • Conveyance of residential buildings and business premises
  • Conveyance of first-class residential properties
  • Profitable freehold flats as capital investment